Over The Past
Four Years . . .

Digital media and technology have enabled Our Daily Bread Ministries to reach out to many more people, raising readership by 50 per cent.

This gives us new opportunities to share God’s Word around the world, especially in places where we face challenges distributing our resources in print.


A New Door has Opened

Praise God for opening new “digital doors” for us to make His Word known to more in Asia Pacific.
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Join us in thanking God for these new opportunities to share His love, wisdom, comfort, and encouragement.


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Besides Digital

As we go big on digital, print remains an important ministry emphasis. We will continue to roll out physical materials to share God's Word to non-digital users and those who just love the printed page.

740,000 printed versions of key resources are distributed in Asia every quarter and we thank God for the impact its making.

"The four brothers and I who share a cell use Our Daily Bread to worship and praise God. I pray that Our Daily Bread will spread God's gospel to all parts of the world."—A prison inmate in South Korea.


Pray With Us

We need your prayer support! Please pray along with us:

  1. For God to open more doors for us to share the life-changing wisdom of His Word with hungry and hurting people, through both digital media and printed resources.
  2. For God to grant us wisdom and discernment in the use of digital technology and media,so that we can share Christ’s gospel faithfully and never let the media become the message.
  3. For the Holy Spirit to inspire more people to partner with and support us in this mission.

How We Are Funded?

We are not funded or endowed by any group of denomination and are grateful for the support given to Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Many people, making even the smallest of donations, enable us to reach others with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible.

Join us in our mission of making God’s wisdom understandable and accessible to many more in Asia Pacific.


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